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2012 Subjects & Scaling

*** The univeristy cut-off is based on "economics" aka. supply and demand NOT necessarily the difficulty of the course. Therefore a university course with a high ATAR requirement simply means that it is more popular! ***

Please see the BOS website for information about the HSC

Please see the UAC website for information about the ATAR

See the UAC ATAR Technical Report for more Scaling information

Taking higher scaling subjects does not necessarily result in improved ATAR. Rather students should aim for Rank 1 in all the subjects and exams regardless of scaling. Students should take subjects according to their natural abilities and work to their best efforts. 

Example: If a student performed well in Year 10 Commerce they should select Economics over Business Studies due to their HSIE faculty similarities if the student is able. This is only applicable if they are comptent in Economics which would allow them to take advantage of scaling.

Remember that (nearly) ALL subjects scale down but it is really a matter of by how much. Scaling is out of 50 to accomodate for 1 Unit subjects so therefore a mark of 90 is equal to 45 per 1 unit. The above graph shows the scaled outcomes for most major subjects.

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ATAR Calculators are often approximates only and should be used only as casual advice only.


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